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The Boy and the Tree

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A sad little boy climbs up a hill, unhappy because he doesn’t have the shiny new toys that other children seem to have. But something magical happens when a mighty old tree on the top of the hill starts to talk to the boy. Better still, the tree takes him on a series of adventures to space and strange lands, with wonderful creatures and so much fun. 

This tale of rhyming verse will encourage young readers in the age group 5–8 years to use their imaginations and experience these adventures too, spurred on by the colourful, quirky and beautiful illustrations.


Marleen Lammers is a freelance writer and the founder of a photography organisation, Penda. She’s also part of Greenpop, a nonprofit that runs reforestation and urban greening programmes in Southern Africa.

Illustrator Anja Stoeckigt is a talented self-taught artist. She illustrated the highly
successful How many ways can you say Hello?

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